Let me start off by stating the song is fire . The beat captures the essence of the end of summer. Especially this summer. We are all getting back to life, COVID is finally ending, summer vacation is over, we are finally returning to “normal” life, whatever that is, we can finally return to campus, the little ones are going back to school (thank you God). And while all this is occurring this song is the ice, in the sweet tea of life.

The song opens up to a child saying, “Don’t worry dad, it’s going to be A Ok.” I think that statement is one we all want to hear as millennials/Gen Zers …. That we are moving in the correct direction, that life isn’t just paying bills and working. We just want to know if it’s ok to say “eff” this job. We want to hear it’s ok to chase dreams. This is a completely different philosophy practiced by prior generations.

We just want to hear we are doing the right thing and the validation this kid gives is life changing. We are all just living, hoping we are making the right choices. Ceo Self is putting himself out there, his truths that he is vocalizing and spitting on the beat are the fears we are all feeling. He put himself out there, and I’m here for it, it is refreshing.

Next, let’s talk about the beautiful, mesmerizing, crooning that can be heard on the track by J-Brown and Mae of Earth. You can feel the undertones of love brought on through their vocals. Mae of earth voice is literally a verbal hug reiterating the kids words, really making you feel that everything is going to be ok, just keep doing whatever it is you are doing.

This song came at the right time, I feel like we can finally JUST BREATHE. So, get out there people, and bang this in your systems while you are out there pursuing your dreams, driving them kids to school, returning to campus, making cool TikTok’s whatever you are doing remember you are not alone in feeling overwhelmed…. Just remember to breathe and everything will be A Ok.