You don’t have to be signed to the REIGN in order to benefit from the REIGN. We offer our services à la carte to our extended tribe members only. We offer free resources and affordable services in efforts to strengthen your musical career and increase your chance to reign forever.

Tools for professionals

Our services

Artist & Label Consultation

We understand how difficult it can be when it comes to making the next big move in your career. Mentorship and guidance is a necessary resource

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Digital Marketing For Independent Artist

Around here we always say that the new music business isn’t the art of making dope music it’s the art

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Radio Servicing

Streaming services rule the world, but what happens when your song explodes and radio stations can’t play it? Radio plays whatever is popular

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Spotify Playlisting

Every artist struggles with the same thing… EXPOSURE! This service goes along with our radio servicing offer and helps support your conversations

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CRME Credit Repair for Music Entrepreneurs

We know you know that credit is power right?! But did you know that you don’t have to wait until you’ve “made it”

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Mix & Mastering

We understand that in order to really compete with other artists your music needs to sound AMAZING!!!! The sonic’s of your song are very important.

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Greek Freaks

AVAILABLE POST COVID – 19: Greek Freak is a service that specializes in creating the perfect and safe house party for fraternities and sororities.

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